If you ever lose your phone, brake it, or just run out of power, how many of your contact numbers could you remember? If like me the answer is NONE, then here is the answer. Our small, tough, waterproof little pod also informs anyone of any allergies and illnesses/medicines that you may have. You just fill it in, pop it on your bag, keys or belt, then forget about it...........until you need it! 

When I dropped my phone down the loo I realised I did not know any of my contact numbers without it and had no simple address book to look them up! I searched for a small, low tech, easy to find option but found nothing that fit the bill. 

Lifesaver pod was my answer and as it had two sides to the label I felt allergy alerts could be a useful addition. Being a fashionista it had to look good too! 

It has been used by eveyone from school children to OAP's , and if yours helps you out we'd love to hear all about it.